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Radiology - ANIMAL X-RAY

Radiographs are one of the most important diagnostic tools in veterinary medicine; they are extremely helpful for diagnosing and monitoring many medical and surgical conditions. 
That is why we use our digital radiology x-ray machine to look inside the pet’s body in an entirely non-invasive way.

We can quickly take highly detailed radiographs, manipulate them to gain a better view of your pet's bones and internal organs, and then display them on a computer for you to see.

Our entire staff are highly trained at pet imaging radiology and able to diagnose a very wide range of medical conditions with great speed and accuracy. Because we believe that pet owners throughout Queens, NY deserve the best possible care.

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Our digital radiology x-ray machine allows us quickly diagnose problems not found by physical examination or blood testing.
Animal radiography allow diagnose fractures, intestinal issues, tumors, heart defects, and much more to help your pet with them once testing is complete.

We can also take radiographs of the skeletal system, spine, heart and lungs, abdomen, and skull.

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High quality radiographs aid in the quick diagnosis of many disorders using our on-site radiology suite features modern digital x-ray equipment. Because digital x-rays shows images almost instantaneously, unlike the x-ray film used in traditional systems.
In addition, digital system images are extremely high resolution and it is easy to modify them after capturing. That means no need to re-take x-rays, less waiting time for you, less time on the x-ray table for your pet, no toxic chemicals in the film development process, less environmental waste and a faster diagnosis.

Your pet’s digital x-rays can also be saved to a disk and easily transmitted to specialists for consultations.

Our work and passion is to take care of your pets' health, using not only our knowledge and experience, but also advanced technologies. If you have any questions to vet radiologist, just give us a call.