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We don’t always think about the need for dermatology services for our pets but the skin is the largest organ in the body and its first line of defense. Moreover, animal skin diseases is one of major pet health problems. Recurrent skin irritation is especially frustrating and upsetting for the pet, the owner and veterinary surgeon concerned. 

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There are continuous advances in vet dermatologist work including improved understanding of underlying disease processes, recognition of new diseases, advanced diagnostic techniques and innovative treatments.

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We always to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing and expanding field of dermatology around the world, in order to better manage and/or alleviate acute and chronic skin disease in our pets.

Diagnostics and Procedures we propose:

    • Allergy testing

    • Allergen specific immunotherapy (ASIT) and (SLIT)

    • Advanced imaging (radiographs, CT, MRI)

    • Biopsies (tissue samples) for histopathology

    • Bacterial culture / sensitivity 

    • Blood tests 

    • Dietary trials

    • Ear and Skin cultures

    • Ear cytology

    • Fine needle aspirates

    • Fungal cultures

    • Impression smears –cytological evaluation

    • Otic exams

    • Superficial and deep skin scrapings

    • Trichograms

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A pet’s itchy skin can be caused by a variety of allergies, including food, parasites, pollen or other environmental factors. 
Our board certified animal allergy and dermatology specialists are highly trained and experienced in identifying and treating a variety of skin conditions, from allergies to ear infections, hormonal problems, autoimmune disease, and even more severe illnesses.

There are numerous common skin diseases in companion animals:

    • Adverse drug reactions

    • Allergic skin disease (atopy)

    • Ear disease (otitis)

    • Fungal skin disease

    • Immune-mediated dermatoses

    • Nail and/or foot pad disorders

    • Alopecia (hair loss)

    • Autoimmune skin disease

    • Endocrine dermatoses 

    • Genetic and congenital skin diseases

    • Metabolic skin disease

    • Parasitic skin disease

    • Bacterial skin disease (pyoderma)

    • Chronic and Severe skin and ear disease

    • Flea allergy dermatitis

    • Hot spots (acute moist dermatitis)

    • Neoplastic/paraneoplastic skin disease

    • Pododermatitis

It is our job to not only provide specialized care for pets but also to educate and work with their families on the best treatment options and you can be sure that experienced team of vets and nurses ready to provide a high standard of veterinary care for all pet species.
With the support of a trained and dedicated staff, our vet clinic is committed to using science, technology and compassion to provide exceptional care for pets and their families.
Your pets health and wellness are the motivation behind everything we do.