About Vetqueens!

When your pet in trouble there is no time to seek help far from home. And you don't need to. Reliable and affordable pet hospital that provides a full range of veterinary services is waiting for you. 
Experienced and highly qualified veterinarians are always happy and ready to help your pets. No matter what problem is, you can count on animal doctor. We will care for your little friends as if they were our own.
We are always next door to you in Queens, NY.

Fully equipped, well-established, reliable veterinary clinic, guarantee comprehensive healthcare services for your friends. At any time, our conversant specialists are ready to provide your pet with all the necessary assistance. Because a doctor for animals is not only a profession, but also a vocation.In order to treat animals, it is not enough just to have a veterinary diploma.
1. You have to get a lot of experience.2. You have to be both cold-blooded and kind.3. And the most important thing – you must love animals! 
That is why in our pet clinic we provide not only high standard veterinary services. We will cure your pets with kindness, compassion, principles and integrity.

We offer you:

  • experienced and highly qualified veterinarians

  • affordable, but excellent pet care 

  • clear and transparent when it is time to pay the bill

Services We Provide

Our pet care hospital is equipped with the best equipment and technology to provide the highest standard of healthcare for your pet.
If there is something wrong with your pet, do not hesitate and do not delay - immediately contact us and be sure that we will cope with any medical problem. We are a full-service clinic and our specialists are always at your service.

Behavior Counseling

Multipurpose assistance for online stores and offline retail businesses.

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One of our service is to provide dentistry for small animals: cats and dogs..

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Aftersales support in marketing, sales, and staff training for enhanced performance.

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Creator and leading specialist of our clinic Dr. Katrina Rezunova lives with her family in Queens, NY. She was born in Kiev and after completing her studies and internship in Emergency and Surgery, she worked as an emergency veterinarian for many years. In 2011 Dr. Katrina Rezunova opened her own practice. She is highly skilled and passionate vet and choosing our clinic, you can be sure that your pet’s care is always in the very best possible hands.If you have any questions about how we can care for your pet, please don’t hesitate to call us.