Issue International Health Certificate
1 PM – 4 PM
By Appointment Only

We do not recommend vaccination at another place if you planing to travel with your pet abroad. If vaccine done incorrectly your pet not be able to fly with you. If you believe your pet is up to date on vaccines your must submit all papers by e-mail or fax before you schedule an appointment, if not – just make appointment for exam.

It may be very complicated to travel with your pet. We recommend that all tests must be done at USDA-approved office. Test and vaccination done at non USDA-approved office may not be done correctly and you will have to do everything all over at USDA-approved office. This will delay or cancel your trip.

We are providing International Health Certificates for all type of animals. Give us a call to discuss your travel.

Your destination country may have specific health requirements that must be met before your pet can enter the country. Since export requirements are determined by each country and can change frequently, every time you plan pet travel you will need to verify the export requirements (for example, additional vaccination or test, microchipping, parasites treatment, etc.). If Certificate Issued by non USDA-Accredited Vet – it is INVALID. We will not sigh any Certificates from another place.

After you will need to call USDA APHIS office to make an appointment to endorsement certificate.