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We do not recommend vaccination at another place if you planing to travel with your pet abroad. If vaccine done incorrectly your pet not be able to fly with you. If you believe your pet is up to date on vaccines your must submit all papers by e-mail or fax before you schedule an appointment, if not – just make appointment for exam.

It may be very complicated to travel with your pet. We recommend that all tests must be done at USDA-approved office. Test and vaccination done at non USDA-approved office may not be done correctly and you will have to do everything all over at USDA-approved office. This will delay or cancel your trip.

We are providing International Health Certificates for all type of animals. Give us a call to discuss your travel.

Your destination country may have specific health requirements that must be met before your pet can enter the country. Since export requirements are determined by each country and can change frequently, every time you plan pet travel you will need to verify the export requirements (for example, additional vaccination or test, microchipping, parasites treatment, etc.). If Certificate Issued by non USDA-Accredited Vet – it is INVALID. We will not sigh any Certificates from another place.

After you will need to call USDA APHIS office to make an appointment to endorsement certificate.

10 Tips For A Seamless Pet Trip On An Airplane

Even if they do not admit, a great deal of people secretly dream of their four-legged friend to accompany them everywhere, not just in the park. So you can imagine what emotional cacophony would happen if they had to travel without their pet.

If you are one of these people and intend to travel with your dog or cat, the following tips will greatly facilitate your flight and will protect you and your pet from unpleasant surprises.

Check how much you spend
You can quickly calculate how much your pet’s plane trip will take – whether in the passenger compartment or in the luggage compartment. Airlines offer different prices according to the season for dog and cat transport.

Contact the airline
First go to the website of the airline and learn about the conditions of traveling. It is good to personally confirm the information by phone call. Many airline companies allow a limited number of animals to board their aircraft. That’s why you will not be wrong if you make the reservation earlier and confirm it 24 to 48 hours before the flight. American Airlines, for example, allows 7 quadrilateral friends to travel on a flight – two first-class and five business-class and economy-class.

Take a few exercises before the flight
If the air travel is something new for your pet, the flight at thousands of feet of height can be a very discomforting experience. Therefore, it is important to train for the trip before the flight. If you live in a bigger city, you can drive your car with a four-legged friend to get used to the movement and the crowd faster. Do not rely on medications to soothe your pet. The American Association of Veterinarians, for example, is against stomping domestic animals with tranquillizers, because the combination of tranquillizers and high altitudes can be fatal. It is best not to give any pet pills to your pet during the flight.

Visit the veterinarian
It is advisable before the flight to bring your four-legged friend to the vet. Many airlines require farmers to provide a health certificate for the animal issued at most one month in advance. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is a good idea to provide a list of veterinarians in the city where you are going. They would help your dog or kitten in case of need.

Prepare the container
To make sure your dog or cat is traveling seamlessly, do not rely on the transport container that you bought while they were still small, whether the flight is short or long. If the container is too small, your pet may experience real claustrophobia. Better buy a new one with the appropriate size to allow your queen friend to turn around and stand up without hitting his head in the ceiling. Also check with the air carrier – the different companies have their own requirements for the dimensions of the transport containers. Do not forget the items your friend is used to – his favorite toy or the blanket from home.

In case you are traveling separately, it is important to mark your pet and his container. Put a sticker on your container with your flight number, contact information, and the name of the animal. Do the same with his collar. Remember that your phone number is the most important detail. Today, many animals have implanted microchips containing important information that can be identified by scanning. Body marking is also an option.

The day before the flight
Pamper your friend the day before the flight. For dogs, this means giving them a long walk and activities to spend a lot of energy. For cats – a couple of extra games they love. Let them be rested for the flight the next day.

Water and food
Dogs and cats, like us, are dehydrated in flight. That is why you can freeze some water in a suitable container before you go to the airport. Make sure that the ice melts only after the animal passes the various checks and is taken on board. As required in the United States, when flying domestic animals, water and food should be available every 4 hours.

Stop eating
If you take the above advice into consideration, this seems to be out of place. Of course you have to choose food for your animal’s path. But it is also important that you do not give him anything to eat a few hours before the flight. This will avoid the risk of being lifted immediately after take-off while still tense.

Be prepared for surprises
Patience and the ability to maintain self-control in unexpected situations are virtues that every traveler is good at possessing. This is all the more true when you fly with your pet. Whether your flight is late or your dog has felt bad in the middle of the road, remember to be together with your four-legged friend in the air may be difficult. Get ready for the worst and expec the best. 718 606 6102